Survival Master Concept Art Gallery

When creating art assets for Survival Master, the development team will generally use a mix of both reference photos and concept art to get our ideas across to the producer and other members of the dev team. Once ideas have been approved then the team gets to work on building, texturing, lighting, and exporting the assets for use in the game.

Here is a selection of concept art from our Senior Environment Artist, Ty Hegner, and our Art Director, Cecilia Mason. Click on the small images if you’d like to see them bigger and in more detail. The links will bring you to our Flickr gallery where you can see them in all their web-sized glory.

Concept art of the starting area for KSB4 Concept art for the collectable materials in the Multiplayer Thumbnail sketches of environment pieces for KSB4 Sketch of the Avalanche Concept art for the starting area of the Dead Load obstacle in KSB4 Possible designs for the look of collectible materials in the multiplayer Cave of Volume Entrance during the Multiplayer Map of the Multiplayer level Sketches of a potential redesign of the Cave of Volume Launcher for Bomb Bowling in KSB2 Thumbnail sketches of Spinner Silhouettes for KSB2C Environment Concept Environment Concept Early thumnail concept of a facility Sketch of the Labyrinth of Heat Entrance Concept art of a bridge over a canyon Concept art of the front of a lodge


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